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Astrid Brown (Author)
Find all the books, read about the author, and more.


This website is purely dedicated to my books and writing, so you will excerpts here of my books and poetry and where you can purchase them. I write under the genres of the Paranormal/Psychic, Romantic fiction and Poetry. I do hope you enjoy the excerpts here and you'll stop by again.

Astrid Brown is an Author and a Professional Medium/Psychic who writes vastly on her experiences, some of which are in her books and others on her blogs and personal web pages. She is an experienced College Lecturer in Holistic Studies and Reiki Master. She resides in the UK.
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“It was a very special moment for John's spirit was awakening and he was opening up, I had touched and resonated with his soul. It was more than just cyber sex, more than making love with someone you loved, it was blending souls as soul mates do and it was an incredible moment for the two of us. We both cried beautiful happy tears”
Astrid Brown, A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel
"I don't know what you have done, my mind is not my own
For you have magicked me for my feelings for you have grown
I did not set to fall in love, for you must have cast a spell
For you have bewitched me and all my doubts dispel
What spell have you cast to enchant me like this?
To make me fall in love and ache for your kiss”

“I heard your whispered fantasies so clear
Softly told in my ear
I opened my eyes you weren't there
So real my dream, I was so aware
But we'll meet again so certainly
In our whispered fantasy”
Astrid Brown, Whispered Fantasies



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  THIS IS NOT MY IMAGINATION I heard your name in the breeze Carried and talked about by the trees And every footstep I walked The echoes me...

Sunday 18 January 2009


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I Wish

I wish I could remember that first word
That first chat we had
So out of the blue you came
So very unexpected, I was busy
I was so rude and you were so sweet

I wish I could remember that day
February the 13th I think
I said what, who and why
I think I made you laugh
I was so off hand but you were so sweet

I wish I could remember that moment
When I fell in love with you
It hit me like a bolt out of the blue
You made me smile and you did too
I challenged you I guess you were so sweet

I wish I could remember those moments
All of them I cherish so deep in my heart
You made me feel so warm and fuzzy
I laughed at that phrase remember
A rose for every day you said you were so sweet

MPB (c)

This book would never have happened without that chat. Essentially the poems are my feelings put into words. I follow my heart, many of these poems began life through inspirational writing, being a Psychic Medium I just allowed spirit to flow through me and the words flowed. The result is this collection of poems.

Love has many facets, from those very tentative beginnings, the exhilaration, the excitement, to the loneliness and longing and the sadness and the deep heartache we all feel when in love. Writing these poems was therapeutic for me and I hope whoever picks up this book will read and find something that resonates within them, that helps them find a poem in here they can identify with.


Sometimes what we want isn't what we need
Sometimes what we want is bad for us
Sometimes what we get we deserve
And sometimes what we need we dont want

Sometimes our dreams and hopes never happen
Sometimes we wonder why
Sometimes they are never meant to be
And sometimes they make us cry

Sometimes pain fills our hearts
Sometimes it hurts so bad
Sometimes we feel wounds will never heal
And sometimes this makes us feel oh so sad

Sometimes we ache to fly and run away
Sometimes we want to go to sleep
Sometimes to never wake from our dreams
And sometimes we ache just for someones arms

Sometimes what we thought we had
Sometimes we just never had or ever hoped would be
Sometimes I just cant see what is there for me
And sometimes...........................

MPB (c)


The sweet song my soul sings
Of love and emotion so true
Aches when I think of you
Each waking second that is past
Each moment spent feels like the last
And yet with quiet trepidation
I am flung into this whirlwind
Of doubt and hesitation
But would I go or try
To run, to escape, I think not
For love it gives both pain and pleasure
For all the sorrow that this brings
The joy is multiplied
For one sweet word said from you
Heals my soul and happiness it sings

MPB (c)


Tentacles of feelings dig in my heart
I feel them still now we're apart
I hoped this would help cease all the pain
But I feel them still all over again
Trying to let go and cut these ties
Its always so sad when a love dies
Too many mistakes
Cause heartbreak
But all has been said and done
I guess I just wasn't the one
You didn't feel as deep as me
Should have opened my eyes I didn't see
I should have seen the subtle signs
The ones that showed you weren't mine
You changed the way you spoke to me
Why oh why didn't I see
The longer absences, the quick goodbyes
You hardly spoke, you'd just sigh
You made me feel I was a bore
And now my heart feels so very sore
I was always excited to hear from you
But I didn't feel you did too
I really wished you hadn't led me to believe
All those things I perceived
To be the truth instead of playing games
Games that messed my head are not the same
I gave all my heart and soul to you
And now I feel so sad and blue
I wished it hadn't had to be this way
But I felt I could no longer stay
You couldn't give me what I need
I'd cry so much my eyes would bleed
All I wanted was a little of your time
Not a lot, and tell me you were mine
All i asked for was a little reassurance
But instead was led a merry dance
Just why couldn't you just have explained
It fell on deaf ears all in vain
So now we both hurt bad
Both of us feeling sad
All for lack of communication
And me feeling fabrication
Part of my soul feels as if its missing
All because you didn't listen

MPB (c)


I daydream of the day when we will meet
The day when I will have that first glance of you
In a crowded place I will know you
As I have known you so many times before
All those lifetimes will be recalled
And precious moments relived
When we are reunited once more

That first tentative look
That first shy smile
Will wipe away all those fears
And time will stand still
As we will recall all those lifetimes
And the passing of the years

And suddenly you will know me
As you once knew and remember that love
That true love we had once more
That electric touch, that shiver, that sudden spark
Will erase all doubts
And all those sweet memories will be recalled
As if just were yesterday as before

Each time before I sleep I pray
Tonight will be that day
When I am reunited my love
When all those years will dissipate and go
God Baby I truly love you so

MPB (c)


Smiles reflect in their eyes
Deep as the darkest of oceans
Discovering the depth of emotions
And each others body
Hands finding pleasure
Gasps of delight
Desire forming little pools of pleasure
Parting waiting
For that intensity of the divine
Moving, frantic
Until that moment
Where they share paradise
On earth
Just so in love

MPB (c)


Dark deep brown eyes glinting
Flashing over warm soft skin
Passion burning flesh
Hot fingertips exploring
Insatiable desires
Hot lips over hotter lips
Spreading earnestly awaiting
Craving to be satiated
More still more
Consume me, eat me
Hunger all consuming
Tasting the sweetness
Of such passion
Fingers entwined
Frantic pulling closer
Hearts and minds racing
Until satiated on
Loves sweet wine

MPB (c)


Unrequited feelings hopes and dreams
Aching and longings
How crazy we are
That our thoughts consume us
Take over our waking minds
Defying all reason and logic
To be passionate hurts
As is to feel the depth of intense emotion
Ectascy is bliss, sorrow deep despair
They say hope helps
But is there nothing worse than false hope?
With all it's empty promises
Of destroyed dreams and tortured minds
And bleeding eyes of tears
Should we be careful what tongues say?
Of thoughtlessness , empty words
Neither meant, nor promised
Do we ever truly trust or believe?
The earth is full of lies
Of empty dreams, unfulfilled wishes
Of broken promises and false hopes
Passion hurts but t'is a sweet pain

MPB (c)


Tell me lover do you dream of me
Do you think of me as I think of you
Do you see things the same way as me
Tell me lover do you write to me
Unsent letters just as I do
Letters written deep from within my heart
Words I write when we are apart
Do you ache for me as I do for you
Tell me lover do you still want me
Just as much as I so want you
Tell me lover do you still crave me so
Do you desire me as much I do for you
Tell me lover are you dreaming now
Am I still there deep inside your head
As you lie asleep inside your warm bed
Let me tell you lover I think I know
I know just how much you love me so

MPB (c)


There are many facets of love
And like the most precious of jewels
Love radiates a light that transponds
And touches souls
There is the love a mother has for a child
It is a deep bond and all forgiving
Knowing one day that child will be gone
but your love will be there for all time
As they were part of you once
You nurtured, you cared
And you let go
There is the love of a dear friend
You care deeply
But in your heart you know
Friends may come and go
Some stay and others move on
You and they grow and you gain and receive
Each facet independent of one another
There is the Love man has for a woman
And woman for a man
How fragile this facet can be
Shimmeringly beautiful even dazzling
But it can be shattered like a fine stemmed glass
Where Love can be snuffed out like a candle flame
In the puff of an ill wind
And then there is Spiritual Love
Few of us rarely attain this
But when it does
The colours it shines are hauntingly so exquisite
Awe inspiring
It is the love greatest of all
The love you'd sacrifice all for
The love you'd give your life for
The love so precious it can tear your heart
tear it into a thousand shreds
And yet that love does not sway
It is an all forgiving love
That needs no physical reinforcement to survive
So beautiful no words can describe
How the beauty of this jewel
It will touch your soul
In ways you can never immagine
It will take your soul soaring so high
You never fear falling
And yet it is the most painful of all
As it is beautiful
The tears it brings stings
Like salt in an open wound
Like a serrated knife in your heart
Twisted and turned and repeatedly stabbed
And why
Because with spiritual love
You are part of the other
You are half of the flame
You feel all the pain, the sorrow, and the joy the other feels
You know how the other is inside, instinctively
Because you are they and they you
You love enough to let go
knowing that your love will go on
For all enternity
And it hurts like hell
Yet you know you shared the greatest love of all
You are part of the twin flame
That burns for all time
That can never be extinquished
How exquisite is the facet of this most precious jewel
Like the diamond it NEVER dies



Those tender sweet beginings
I called you sweet
You said you no I'm not
And god I thought you were so hot
I couldn't wait for that next mail
With building excitement and trepidation
through this sweet trance I'd sail
We had the silly stupid fights
We'd say the stupidest of things
And then we'd make up all the night
What a sweet rollercoaster
Up and down and all over
Full of passion and crazed raw emotions
Of wanting and needing
God what a commotion
And then one day
You had to say
Words I wasn't familiar with
Not for me I thought
Suspiction rained I ought
To have seen it comming
You said I'd changed
If I had it was not my doing
You seemed so cold I felt it so
You'd cooled so much I know
And then came the days that became so long
Long lonely nights pouring tears into my favourite song
It no longer is I cant bear to hear
It cuts me up and makes me shed a tear
Of passions hot that burning kind
Of passions where you feel you're loosing your mind
And then I knew there was no more excuses
You always promised you would say
if you felt you couldn't stay
It would have been better had it been that way
But no you had to take it all wrong
So now all I have is that song
No more can I listen it cuts me up inside
All because of your stupid damn pride
To admit we all make mistakes
You got it all wrong you made it a mess
All you had to do was answer a yes
And admit it was a stupid fight
And now I cant bear to have you in sight
Not because I am angry or mad
I am just feeling so low and sad
Of silly miscontrued conversations
You got it all wrong why cant you see
You got all the wrong impression from me
And all because of stupid pride
We're both cut up and hurting inside
Maybe one day you'll see what you've lost
The love of a woman who loved you the most
She loved you enough to let you go
She never could hate you for fucking up so

MPB (c)

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Great read, it's not the usual romantic novel it's a bit of a cross genre being informative and paranormal but it had me hooked, I would love it if the author wrote a sequel as I would love to know how the characters relationship goes I do hope the author does Sarah65 __________________________ Amazing read and was engrossed until I finished reading, this book is more than a novel it helps understand the psychic's world and has such depth of feelings Stella Matthews An interesting read different but I really enjoyed this book I liked the factual glossary at the end, it helped make sense of the paranormal happenings throughout S Williams
5.0 out of 5 stars What an Amazing Read :-), January 15, 2014 By Sam - See all my reviews This review is from: A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel (Paperback) I found this book totally drew me in and couldn't wait to get to the next page to see what was going to happen! Brilliant book - a must have read :)

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its thought provoking and humorous. Open your mind to a different way of thinking. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears. Looking forward to reading more of Astrid's work.

Format: Paperback
This is an amazing read and you really get into the characters in the book! This author is amazing at capturing the characters so you actually live and breath them, fantastic a must have read xxxx

Format: Kindle Edition
A great read and I must say I was pleasantly surprised so I will be buying again from this author

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