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Astrid Brown (Author)
Find all the books, read about the author, and more.


This website is purely dedicated to my books and writing, so you will excerpts here of my books and poetry and where you can purchase them. I write under the genres of the Paranormal/Psychic, Romantic fiction and Poetry. I do hope you enjoy the excerpts here and you'll stop by again.

Astrid Brown is an Author and a Professional Medium/Psychic who writes vastly on her experiences, some of which are in her books and others on her blogs and personal web pages. She is an experienced College Lecturer in Holistic Studies and Reiki Master. She resides in the UK.
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“It was a very special moment for John's spirit was awakening and he was opening up, I had touched and resonated with his soul. It was more than just cyber sex, more than making love with someone you loved, it was blending souls as soul mates do and it was an incredible moment for the two of us. We both cried beautiful happy tears”
Astrid Brown, A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel
"I don't know what you have done, my mind is not my own
For you have magicked me for my feelings for you have grown
I did not set to fall in love, for you must have cast a spell
For you have bewitched me and all my doubts dispel
What spell have you cast to enchant me like this?
To make me fall in love and ache for your kiss”

“I heard your whispered fantasies so clear
Softly told in my ear
I opened my eyes you weren't there
So real my dream, I was so aware
But we'll meet again so certainly
In our whispered fantasy”
Astrid Brown, Whispered Fantasies



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  THIS IS NOT MY IMAGINATION I heard your name in the breeze Carried and talked about by the trees And every footstep I walked The echoes me...

Saturday 26 April 2008


All of these poems and many, many more can be found in my book
"A Dedication to Someone so Very Special"
If you click on any of the links below this will take you to one of the sites where my book is on sale. Please see the reviews below and I hope you enjoy reading my poetry

The site below 'Blackwells' as well as Amazon UK ship internationally


Etched upon my heart
You touched my soul
Softly like a silken feather
And yet the imprint that it left
Carved out your presence
And lives on like the light
From some distant star
Light from thousands of years gone by
Shining brightly burning softly
A flame smoulders and dwells there
Deep inside my heart
I cannot extinguish no matter how
A million tear drops will not
Dowse that flame

MPB (c)


The first sunbeams dance
And softly tickle, play against the wall
As I open my eyes I see,
Like I see, for the very first time
I rub my eyes gently
And I smile softly
Tracing my tongue along my lips
I still taste you
I look at you quietly
Staring at you for a moment
I know from your soft smile you're dreaming
I smile a knowing smile
inside my heart laughs and giggles
I see your lashes flicker
And I gaze deeply into your eyes
I see your soul and all that dwells there
Words , not versed
I read your eyes
And you read mine
I can lose myself forever in those depths
I would not care to ever escape
I am your willing captive
I give to you all that I am
My most valued possessions my heart and my soul
Gladly take them as
You take and consume me

MPB (c)


I die a little death
You take me
Visiting places unseen
Of paradise explored
Such torrid screams
Of violent
Uncontrolable passion
That sends such
Blissful seizures
Throughout my now limp
And exhausted body
Satiated by your love

MPB (c)


In the dark silver blue light
Illuminating your sleeping form
I watch you breathing
Listening to the soft noises you make
Longing to trace your body
With my hand
I drink in the beauty of the moment
I am intoxicated
Helpless and feelings out of control
I am addicted
And like an addict I crave you
I crave your touch
I crave your passion
I crave your soul
No rehab will help me
You are the drug I need
You consume me
I cannot be free
Nor would I want
You are my therapy

MPB (c)


Those tender sweet beginings
I called you sweet
You said you no I'm not
And god I thought you were so hot
I couldn't wait for that next mail
With building excitement and trepidation
Through this sweet trance I'd sail
We had the silly stupid fights
We'd say the stupidest of things
And then we'd make up all the night
What a sweet rollercoaster
Up and down and all over
Full of passion and crazed raw emotions
Of wanting and needing
God what a commotion
And then one day
You had to say
Words I wasn't familiar with
Not for me I thought
Suspiction rained I ought
To have seen it comming
You said I'd changed
If I had it was not my doing
You seemed so cold I felt it so
You'd cooled so much I know
And then came the days that became so long
Long lonely nights pouring tears into my favourite song
It no longer is I cant bear to hear
It cuts me up and makes me shed a tear
Of passions hot that burning kind
Of passions where you feel you're loosing your mind
And then I knew there was no more excuses
You always promised you would say
if you felt you couldn't stay
It would have been better had it been that way
But no you had to take it all wrong
So now all I have is that song
No more can I listen it cuts me up inside
All because of your stupid damn pride
To admit we all make mistakes
You got it all wrong you made it a mess
All you had to do was answer a yes
And admit it was a stupid fight
And now I cant bear to have you in sight
Not because I am angry or mad
I am just feeling so low and sad
Of silly miscontrued conversations
You got it all wrong why cant you see
You got all the wrong impression from me
And all because of stupid pride
We're both cut up and hurting inside
Maybe one day you'll see what you've lost
The love of a woman who loved you the most
She loved you enough to let you go
She never could hate you for fucking up so

MPB (c)


Across the deepest oceans, across the stormiest seas
My heart no longer belongs to me
I gave it away to someone whom I love
Someone i feel must have been sent to me from above
Not a day passes without them on my mind
They are so wonderful, lovely, amazing and kind
And in return I care for their gentle heart
I treat is so carefully so gently it doesn't break apart
Their heart to me is so precious you see
I am so humbled, honoured and so glad they gave it to me
I will treasure it always as some precious gem
And in return I will give all my love to them
Always and forever I mean everything
And given me such happiness you've made my heart sing
If you still your thoughts softly, gently and quietly
You will hear its quiet, haunting and beautiful melody
I gave to them the most precious things I own
My heart, my life, my soul and everything my own
Always and forever my heart I gave to you
Always and forever my love for you will be true

And you know nothing has changed a thing
My heart would truly still sing
If ever you were to grow near
for in my heart I hold you so dear
For now it sits heavy in my breast and so alone
Missing the other heart it thought was its own
Till one very sad and lonely day
You came and you stole it back away
It feels so heavy so missing its twin
For that heart was so very in
Love with yours till that fated day
A fight, a row and you took its mate away
It doesn't sing any more instead it hurts real bad
Instead of singing it sobs so sad
Its so very sorry it made your heart mad
It really didn't mean to do
It wishes it could explain its love for you
Instead it weeps although the night
And tears it cries and yet tries with all its might
For you to listen to beg to you
It wants you to know it so loves you

MPB (c)

Customer Reviews for A Dedication to Someone So Very Special

ISBN: 9780955575624 - A Dedication to Someone So Very Special
A Dedication to Someone So Very Special
Maggie Brown
Parkbench Publications
ISBN: 0955575621 ISBN13: 9780955575624

£9.9901 Feb 2008PaperbackUsually despatched within 3 to 9 days
Buy Now

A Dedicatioin to Someone So Very Special
As I read these poems, I find that I often sit back and start reflecting on my own's like a magical journey into selfawareness, excellent book

A Dedication to Someone so very Special
Simply beautifully written, full of emotion, to be read over and over again
Stephana Brown

Maggie Browns Book
If anyone wants to read a very Heartfelt and Warm book, this is the ONE!! Maggie touched my heat in so many different ways with this book. If I were to say there is one poem better than the other, I would be doing the whole book a disgrace. I am a fan of Maggie Brown's from the USA. Looking forward to more books from her!
Peter Brady

A dedication to someone so very special
Beautifully written.
This collection brings forth vivid images of secret pleasures, lovers entwind and the yearning of deep love
It's romantic, passionate, creative and simply lovely.
Lisa Gosselin

A Dedication to Someone so very Special
You can tell that these poems are written from the heart, would make an excellent gift for a loved one and for those in love
susan chandler

Decent attempt at love poetry
She's such a sweet thing. I hope that the book achieves the attention that its marvellous poems deserve. It's not bad for a tenner.
Nigel Bakhai

Maggie Brown poetry book cover

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Great read, it's not the usual romantic novel it's a bit of a cross genre being informative and paranormal but it had me hooked, I would love it if the author wrote a sequel as I would love to know how the characters relationship goes I do hope the author does Sarah65 __________________________ Amazing read and was engrossed until I finished reading, this book is more than a novel it helps understand the psychic's world and has such depth of feelings Stella Matthews An interesting read different but I really enjoyed this book I liked the factual glossary at the end, it helped make sense of the paranormal happenings throughout S Williams
5.0 out of 5 stars What an Amazing Read :-), January 15, 2014 By Sam - See all my reviews This review is from: A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel (Paperback) I found this book totally drew me in and couldn't wait to get to the next page to see what was going to happen! Brilliant book - a must have read :)

Top Customer Reviews on Amazon

Format: Paperback
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its thought provoking and humorous. Open your mind to a different way of thinking. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears. Looking forward to reading more of Astrid's work.

Format: Paperback
This is an amazing read and you really get into the characters in the book! This author is amazing at capturing the characters so you actually live and breath them, fantastic a must have read xxxx

Format: Kindle Edition
A great read and I must say I was pleasantly surprised so I will be buying again from this author

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