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Astrid Brown (Author)
Find all the books, read about the author, and more.


This website is purely dedicated to my books and writing, so you will excerpts here of my books and poetry and where you can purchase them. I write under the genres of the Paranormal/Psychic, Romantic and Erotic fiction and Poetry. I do hope you enjoy the excerpts here and you'll stop by again.

Astrid Brown is an Author and a Professional Medium/Psychic who writes vastly on her experiences, some of which are in her books and others on her blogs and personal web pages. She is an experienced College Lecturer in Holistic Studies and Reiki Master. She currently freelances and writes periodically for an online magazine and works for a large well known international psychic company as a professional psychic medium. She resides in the UK.
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“It was a very special moment for John's spirit was awakening and he was opening up, I had touched and resonated with his soul. It was more than just cyber sex, more than making love with someone you loved, it was blending souls as soul mates do and it was an incredible moment for the two of us. We both cried beautiful happy tears”
Astrid Brown, A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel
"I don't know what you have done, my mind is not my own
For you have magicked me for my feelings for you have grown
I did not set to fall in love, for you must have cast a spell
For you have bewitched me and all my doubts dispel
What spell have you cast to enchant me like this?
To make me fall in love and ache for your kiss”

“I heard your whispered fantasies so clear
Softly told in my ear
I opened my eyes you weren't there
So real my dream, I was so aware
But we'll meet again so certainly
In our whispered fantasy”
Astrid Brown, Whispered Fantasies


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  THIS IS NOT MY IMAGINATION I heard your name in the breeze Carried and talked about by the trees And every footstep I walked The echoes me...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I have taken to sleeping with a notebook and pen or my smart phone that has "Word" on it as invariably the "need" to write always tends to hit me around 1 am. Last night was no exception, I couldn't sleep, but was resting as ordered to by my doctor as my immune system was very down, with having shingles two weeks previous and recently gastroenteritis, when as usual as is with "Guides", "Put the light on! you must write!" So here is the result, three poems, written in twenty minutes, in this order. "Thanks guys upstairs!" lol.

Tenfold, make no mistake

Reality check and time to wake

The time has come make no mistake

And so shall ye reap for what ye sow
For to do unto others the Universe will know
Guess what, this is your wake up call
For Spirit knows what goes on, they know it all
There is no escape for what karma states
For it knows all our good and our mistakes
It reaches deep into your mind
Too late, your future's been already signed
There is a constant ebb and flow
A balance must be tallied, Karma, it knows
For what is given, must be received
Good, kind, indifferent or evil all perceived
Lessons are taught, know them well
The lessons go deeper into the soul
They challenge us dearly, but from which we grow
We cannot interfere into another's path
We have to accept out fate, our challenges hath
Are tough but they teach us why we are here
So repent at leisure is a true saying, life costs us dear
If we live giving love and kindness instead of envy, jealousy or hate
The Universe will shine on us tenfold, make no mistake

MPB (c)

A Soliloquy of Silence

I think of you in the stupid hours

When stillness reigns

Hush, there is quiet
Except for the chatter of my mind
I put on the light and look at the time
I have yet not slept
You, etch deep into my brain
Why wont you go?
I wait for stillness
I may wait a long time

To pass the hours I write
Letters that will never be posted
Emails that will never be sent
The deafening silence is broken with the chatter
Constant bickering chatter
See what you do! still
You never believed me when I was with you
So does it matter I write dead correspondence
Maybe not for you, but for me
A soliloquy of silence, i write

MPB (c)

My words are my fire

I'd have thought by now the words would have died
But still they flow
Flow like a downward rapid stream
Sometimes calm and sometimes meandering
Others they gush
Gushing obscenities, sometimes
I wait for the drought to come
But hence forth like a thunderstorm of tears
The dam is burst
And those damn words cloud and flow
Over and through my brain
Flooding and saturating my thoughts
I feel I am in a maze
A maze of words broken periodically by reality
I'll bet you're not feeling the same
Your heart had a cold chamber
That would freeze out feelings
My love could not melt the icicles that resided there
My heart is fuelled with flames
Fire against ice
My words are my fire and burn eternally

MPB (c)

A novel "A psychic affair"

Some Reviews


Great read, it's not the usual romantic novel it's a bit of a cross genre being informative and paranormal but it had me hooked, I would love it if the author wrote a sequel as I would love to know how the characters relationship goes I do hope the author does Sarah65 __________________________ Amazing read and was engrossed until I finished reading, this book is more than a novel it helps understand the psychic's world and has such depth of feelings Stella Matthews An interesting read different but I really enjoyed this book I liked the factual glossary at the end, it helped make sense of the paranormal happenings throughout S Williams
5.0 out of 5 stars What an Amazing Read :-), January 15, 2014 By Sam - See all my reviews This review is from: A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel (Paperback) I found this book totally drew me in and couldn't wait to get to the next page to see what was going to happen! Brilliant book - a must have read :)

Top Customer Reviews on Amazon

Format: Paperback
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its thought provoking and humorous. Open your mind to a different way of thinking. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears. Looking forward to reading more of Astrid's work.

Format: Paperback
This is an amazing read and you really get into the characters in the book! This author is amazing at capturing the characters so you actually live and breath them, fantastic a must have read xxxx

Format: Kindle Edition
A great read and I must say I was pleasantly surprised so I will be buying again from this author


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Enchanted Enchanted
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel A Psychic Affair: A Romantic Novel
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

The journey to Spirit The journey to Spirit
ratings: 2 (avg rating 2.50)

The Journey to Spirit The Journey to Spirit
ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.00)

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Astridestella Sensual Verse (Erotic Verse)

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